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Retirement Villages - Pets

Whether you can bring your pet with you when you move to a retirement village will depend on the characteristics of your pet and the pet policy and rules of the village.

The pet policy and rules of the village will generally have been formulated having regard to the physical characteristics of the village and the appropriateness of having pets in the village. To the extent that pets are permitted at all, the size, temperament and audibility of the particular pet will be relevant.

Realizing the importance of pets to prospective residents, some village operators may allow certain current pets to live in the village, but may not allow replacement pets should the current pet pass away or otherwise leave the village.

Villages may therefore fall into one of the following categories regarding pets:

  • no pets allowed under any circumstances
  • some pets allowed depending on their size, temperament and audibility
  • some current pets allowed (as above), but no replacement pets allowed
  • pets allowed generally.

You will have the best chance of bringing your pet with you if the village is large and open, the homes are well spaced and your pet is small, quiet, friendly and clean.

If bringing your pet with you to a village is essential, then enquiring about the village pet policy and rules is one of the first enquiries you should make.

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