How to treat sleep apnoea- Know the different treatment options

Lee Anderson

Written by: maraschino

Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder that affects a large number of people and ignoring this condition can lead to serious health issues like heart trouble and high blood pressure. If you are suffering from this problem, you will need to know how to treat sleep apnea so that you can get the best treatment for the problem. In this condition, the person stop breathing for short periods during the night and the reason for this is because you will no longer be able to inhale oxygen during the sleep. As you suffer from this problem, you gasp during your sleep because you cannot breathe properly and you will wake up at might because of the loud snoring.

There are many signs of sleep apnea which includes daytime tiredness, loud snoring, sleeplessness and problems to breathe normally at night. There are many serious health problems that arise when sleep apnea is left untreated which increased risk of health failure, memory loss, poor immune function and mental health issues. Therefore, the most effective and popular treatments for sleep apnea includes surgery, medication and breathing devices. Along with the treatment, you will need to opt for home care remedies and make lifestyle changes which can improve the quality of your sleep and life. This is a treatable condition that requires constant attention and you also need to correct any medical problem that affects your body.


Treatment for sleep apnea- how to treat sleep apnoea


Lifestyle changes- making changes to your lifestyle which includes reducing alcohol intake and reducing weight can help in treating sleep apnoea melbourne.


Continuous positive airway pressure device- it is also very effective in treating this condition, as you need to wear a mask that helps in transmitting increased air pressure into airway. This will prevent your throat from collapsing so that you will enjoy a sound and interrupted sleep during the night. It is a non invasive method that makes use of small pump for blowing air through tube in mask so that you will feel relaxed during the night.

Oral appliance- the use of the appliance helps to hold your jaw so that it does not prevent you from getting proper sleep at night. The use of dental appliances is a convenient and low cost way of treating sleep apnea so that you will get the desired outcome.

Surgery- this is an expensive option that will involve going under the knife for getting treatment but it might offer long lasting results.